How to Use OneVanilla Card – Complete Guide

If you need a fuss-free solution for day-to-day expenses, then look no further than the OneVanilla Non-Reloadable Gift Card. A prepaid card that assists in everyday purchases and can be used nationwide. With your OneVanilla Non-Reloadable Gift Card accomplish online shopping, dine out, pay for gas and much more. So, this guide will help you to learn – How to Use OneVanilla Card“.

OneVanilla Prepaid Card Features

  • OneVanilla Non-Reloadable Gift Card can be used in any location that accepts a Visa Debit Card or Debit MasterCard, across the USA and District of Columbia, as applicable.
  • No additional fees on any purchase. You pay using your OneVanilla Prepaid Card only for what you buy.
  • Get your hands on the OneVanilla Card without revealing any personal information or undergoing credit checks.
  • ATM access is not granted with OneVanilla Card and customers cannot request cash backs from the point of sale.

How to Use OneVanilla Card?

Here are some of the different ways you can try using your OneVanilla card. Have a look:

Through Phone and Mail Order

OneVanilla Card gives you the freedom to make purchases through your phone or via mail order. Any establishment across the USA and District of Columbia accepting a Visa Debit Card or Debit MasterCard, also accepts the OneVanilla Card, as applicable.How to Use OneVanilla Card


  • Present Your Card: Ensure that you have checked your balance before you shop. Once you are at the cash register, hand over your OneVanilla Card to the cashier.
  • Select and Sign: If you wish to make a signature transaction, simply select the Credit option and sign the receipt provided by the cashier to finalize your purchase. You can always track your transactions through your online account.
  • Debit Option: Another way to conduct transactions is by selecting the Debit option. Your purchase is finalized after you have entered the PIN correctly. You can find instructions about setting or clearing your PIN on your online account itself.

Online Purchases

  • Checkout: While making payments online, simply enter your OneVanilla Card information in the fields under Payment Method. OneVanilla Card does not require your personal information to function. Therefore buyers should ensure that they are providing their mailing address separately when shopping online, for merchants to contact them in case any problem arises.
  • Nationwide Online Purchases: Your OneVanilla Card is compatible with any online merchant accepting Visa Debit Cards or Debit MasterCards, across the USA and District of Columbia, as applicable.

Tips to Use OneVanilla Card Smartly

Here are some of the best tips that can help you use your OneVanilla card very smartly and utilize it in the most prominent manner. Check these tips out.

Use OneVanilla Card to Pay Gas Bills in Pump Station

When paying for gas at the pump, most gas stations will automatically cap your card at a $100 limit, to ensure that adequate funds remain in your account. You can avoid the cap by making your payment to the cashier inside. Always ensure that sufficient balance is  present in your account.

Use OneVanilla Debit Card for Online Bill Payments

Paying bills online is secure and convenient with your OneVanilla Card. You can use it to pay your bills online for anything where this card is applicable.

Use OneVanilla MasterCard for Shopping Online

Online transactions are made easy through OneVanilla Prepaid Cards. In the fields under Payment Method, simply enter your OneVanilla Card details. None of your personal information is shared with OneVanilla Card, so buyers have to provide their mailing address to the merchants to ensure a seamless shopping experience.

Using OneVanilla Prepaid Debit Card to Tip

Establishments providing services- restaurants, spas, and salons- might also place a limit on your card, amounting to the total service bill and an additional charge of 20%. The 20% surcharge is the tip that is often paid to services. Cardholders should always ensure that sufficient funds are available in their accounts.

Multiple Methods of Payment

In case your purchase amount comes out to be greater than the total balance available in your account, most merchants offer you a split mode of payments. This implies that once the balance in your card is exhausted, the remaining amount can be paid through other methods, such as checks, cash, credit or debit card.

Some merchants may not extend the option of split payment or require you to pay the balance through cash only. Verify the possible method of payment with the merchants.

Over to You

Merchants do not have the means to verify the balance present in your account. So, there is a possibility that your card may be declined if there are insufficient funds. If you want to try any alternative to OneVanilla card then you can try that as well.

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