How to Use Vanilla Visa Gift Cards?

Vanilla Visa Gift Cards grant you the freedom to spend your money online or in any location in the USA and District of Columbia where Visa Debit Cards or Debit MasterCards are accepted. The Vanilla Visa Gift Cards function similar to debit cards and are prepaid. When making your purchase, use Vanilla Visa Gift Card by simply swiping ‘debit’ at the cash register and entering your PIN to finalize the transaction or select the ‘credit’ option to make the purchase.

Why Vanilla Visa Gift Cards?

Do you need a gifting option for an upcoming occasion? Look no further than the Vanilla Visa Gift Card. With this prepaid gifting solution you can:

  • Gift someone a pre-loaded card for online or in-store purchases in denominations of $20. The gift amount can be between $20 to $500.
  • After activating the Vanilla Prepaid Gift Card, no extra fees are charged and there is no expiry date for the balance in the card.
  • In case your Vanilla Visa Gift Card is lost or gets stolen, you can request a replacement from our easily accessible Customer Care department. As per the cardholder agreement, fees might be leveraged.

The activation can cost anywhere between $4.95 to $9.95, as per the cardholder agreement. It also depends on factors such as dollar value and the total number of cards activated. The Vanilla Visa Gift Card cannot be used to withdraw cash from the ATM or to demand the cashback option at the register. Additionally, the Vanilla Visa Gift Card is non-reloadable and non-returnable upon purchase.

Other Vanilla Visa Gift Cards Options

If the Vanilla Visa Gift Card does not fulfill your requirements, there are two other Visa-branded prepaid cards offered by Vanilla Visa.Vanilla Visa Gift Cards

OneVanilla Visa Prepaid Card

The OneVanilla Visa Card functions in a manner similar to the Vanilla Visa Gift Card, as far as its features are concerned. However, it can be used as a tool for everyday transactions, for small amounts. It is non-reloadable and cannot be customized. The services associated with OneVanilla Visa Card are also offered in Spanish.

MyVanilla Debit Card

Unlike the other two options, the MyVanilla Personal Reloadable Visa Card is set up as an alternative to traditional bank accounts. The MyVanilla Card is not a gift card, rather it is a modern tool to manage your money. Customers can ask for customizations such as their name on card, unlike the other Vanilla Visa Cards. Moreover, it is not a single-use item, as customers can reload their MyVanilla Card using Vanilla Reload or Walmart Rapid Reload. The upper limits for daily and monthly reloads are $2,500 and $5,000 respectively.

The MyVanilla Personal Reloadable Visa Card also offers the option of free direct deposits to the holders and a host of other benefits:

  • Online Bill Payment: The card is capable of handling automatic and recurring online payments.
  • Access to ATMs:For domestic transactions a fee of $1.95 is charged, while for international transactions the fee is $4.95. A nominal fee of $0.75 is leveraged, in case the card is declined.
  • Card-to-Card Transfer: Seamless transfer of funds between any two Vanilla Visa products is possible. With the MyVanilla Card you can make a transfer of $500 daily and $2000 monthly.
  • FDIC Insurance: Your funds under the MyVanilla Card are insured through The Bancorp Bank, a member of the FDIC.
  • Cashbacks: A small fee of $1.95 is charged for over-the-counter cash back transactions at the point of sale.
  • Alerts via Texts and EMails: Stay updated about your account through text and email alerts.
  • Direct Deposit: With MyVanilla Card your paycheck can be deposited directly to your card, if your employer offers the option to.

There are no additional fees charged on your MyVanilla Card, however, a dormancy fee of $3.95 is leveraged if no activity is detected on the card for a period of 90 days. All signatures and PIN purchases also carry a nominal fee of $0.50.

In case your card is stolen or lost, a replacement will be shipped to you for a fee of $6. MyVanilla Card Personal Reloadable Visa Card can also be closed and liquidated any time you want. After deducting a fee of $9.95, the remaining balance is provided to the customer through a paper check in the mail.

Managing Your Vanilla Visa Cards

Our customer care service works round-the-clock to provide additional assistance to Vanilla Visa cardholders. Simply dial 800-571-1376 to get in touch with a customer care employee. Manage your account on the move by downloading the MyVanilla app on your smartphones and keep a check on your account in real-time.

Activating Your Card

If you purchase your Vanilla Visa Cards from any of our partner retail locations, ask the cashier to activate your card at the register itself. Before making your first purchase with the card, ensure that you have registered your zip code and PIN online. An activation fee might be leveraged, as mentioned above. Additionally, your MyVanilla Visa Card can also be activated at the retailer and remains valid till you receive and activate your personalized card.

Checking Your Balance

There are multiple ways to check the balance on your MyVanilla Visa Gift Card:

  • You can call the following numbers-
  • 800-571-1376 for inquiring about the balance of your Vanilla Gift Card.
  • 877-770-6408 for inquiring about the balance of your One Vanilla Card.
  • 1-855-686-9513 for inquiring about the balance of your MyVanilla Card.
  • The mobile app can be used to check your balance.
  • Inquiry for balance can also be conducted online, by signing into the MyVanilla online portal. Enter the card number, expiration date and CVV code to check your balance.

Where to Buy Vanilla Visa Cards

Multiple retailers across the nation extend the facility of purchasing Vanilla Visa Cards, including but not limited to:

  • Walgreens
  • Walmart
  • CVS Pharmacy
  • 7-Eleven
  • Dollar General

To obtain a comprehensive list of locations where the Vanilla Visa products are available, head over to the Retail Locations page on our company website.

Read the Fine Print

Ensure that you have analyzed the costs and benefits associated with all the Vanilla products before finalizing your purchase. Select the product that is best suited to your needs and expenditure.

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