What are the Best Alternatives to the OneVanilla Prepaid Cards

If you wish to explore the prepaid card options that offer a wider variety of benefits other than OneVanilla Prepaid Debit cards, then look no further. Here are some OneVanilla Prepaid Cards alternatives that you can try if you don’t want to go with OneVanilla Cards:

The CIBC Prepaid Visa – OneVanilla Card Alternative

The Visa PayWave option allows you to shop either online or offline, on your own terms. Using this card you can make small purchases, whenever you want. THe CIBC Prepaid Visa Card is offered in two variants, namely:

  • CIBC Smart Prepaid Visa Card
  • CIBC Smart Prepaid Travel Visa Card

You can top up your CIBC Prepaid Visa Card anytime and shop anywhere outside Canada as well. It combines the best aspects of, both, debit and credit cards.

With CIBC Prepaid Visa Card, you get:

  • The minimum load amount for this card is $20.
  • The card can hold a maximum balance of $10,000.
  • It allows you to withdraw a maximum of $1000 daily.
  • The card does not incur any additional interest over time.
  • Shop with this card anywhere in the world. You can make payments in five different currencies, across locations, as long as the Visa option is accepted.
  • Since you only use the money that is loaded on your prepaid card, it does not affect your credit rating in any form whatsoever.
  • Anyone, including those under 18 years of age, can sign up for either variant of the CIBC Prepaid Visa.
  • For travelers coming to Canada, the CIBC Prepaid Card is the perfect partner for making purchases and booking hotels, since even non-residents can sign up for the card.
  • There is no need to have an CIBC bank account to get a CIBC Prepaid Visa Card.
  • A variety of currencies can be loaded on the CIBC Prepaid Visa, namely, Euros, Pesos, Pounds, and US Dollars.

The fees for these cards might vary but the customization fees begin at $5 and ATM withdrawals outside Canada cost $2.50.CIBC Prepaid Visa Card

The Koho Prepaid Visa Card – OneVanilla Prepaid Cards Alternative

The Koho Prepaid Visa, as the name suggests, is a prepaid reloadable card that is powered by Visa. The card and its associated app provide the following benefits:

  • A real-time check on your spending and finances.
  • Determine saving goals for yourself.
  • Guide users regarding spending and provide financial tips.
  • Your spending will decrease by nearly 15% and savings will increase by $500, within the first 3 weeks of using the app, as claimed by Koho themselves.
  • There are no annual fees levied on the card. However, premium account users on Koho have to pay a small fee of $9/month or $84/year. By subscribing to a premium account, users get the benefit of reduced transaction fee (1.5%) on foreign transactions, that is every transaction made outside Canada.

The Canada Post Prepaid Visa – OneVanilla MasterCard Alternative

The Canada Post Prepaid Visa is a prepaid card that is accepted across the globe by any platform that accepts Visa cards as a form of electronic payment. It also provides you the facilities of ATM withdrawal unlike the Vanilla Prepaid Card, across the world. This card is the perfect device to accompany you on your trips, if you do not wish to carry cash.

The Canada Post Prepaid Card allows you to:

  • Avail a prepaid card without any credit check.
  • Avail a prepaid card without a bank account.
  • Reload the card whenever you want and as often you wish to.
  • Buy a prepaid card that is covered by purchase security insurance and manufacturer’s warranty.

The only drawbacks associated with the card are the $3 fees for maintenance and reloading, each.

Over to You

So, if you are among those looking for OneVanilla Debit Card alternatives then the above-mentioned are the three best prepaid cards you can try in place of Vanilla Prepaid cards. You might like them over other Vanilla cards and there are equal chances that you hate them if you fail to unload them just like you unload OneVanilla Prepaid Cards.

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