How to Sell OneVanilla Gift Card – Best Methods

Can’t seem to find credible information online about converting your OneVanilla Gift Card to naira? Don’t fret anymore as we have combed through the vast space of the internet to provide you with accurate information about trading your OneVanilla Card. Consider the following points while converting your OneVanilla Card to naira.

What is OneVanilla Gift Card?

OneVanilla Card is a secure method to handle everyday transactions. A convenient alternative to regular bank accounts or carrying petty cash, OneVanilla Card is reloadable and can be used to manage your finances.

What is the OneVanilla Gift Card Used For?

The OneVanilla Gift Card can be used for multiple purposes, namely:

  • Businesses can use it to carry out smaller transactions.
  • Customers can manage their finances by themselves.
  • Transfer funds between any two MyVanilla Card accounts securely.
  • Using Vanilla Reload and Direct Deposit you can easily add funds to your account.

Your OneVanilla Prepaid Card is accepted at all places that take Visa Debit Cards or Debit MasterCards.Sell OneVanilla Gift Card on CardTonic

What is the Best Method to Sell Your OneVanilla Gift Card?

There are numerous trading platforms available in Nigeria, since there is a significant market for gift card trading in the country. Through these established platforms, it is possible to exchange your gift card for bitcoin or naira.

Cardtonic is a well-rated platform for trading gift cards, as it manages to combine the strengths of other platforms and provides a satisfactory experience to its users. The mobile app or the website of Cardtonic can be used to trade your gift cards easily. Cardtonic has developed its platform to provide a convenient trading experience for all the users.

Why Choose Cardtonic to Convert Gift Cards to Naira or Bitcoin?

Cardtonic has left no stone unturned to build a platform that is convenient for trading gift cards and provides the best user experience. Some of its characteristic features are:

  • Mobile App: Since our first priority is the convenience of our customers, the Cardtonic mobile app makes it possible to trade your OneVanilla Card or any other gift card, from wherever you are.
  • Transaction Speed: The most distinctive feature of the Cardtonic trading platforms is the efficiency of your transactions. Time is money and Cardtonic ensures that all transactions are completed in under 10 minutes even when customer density is high.
  • Ease of Transaction: Even if you feel that you are not that great with technology, the Cardtonic platform has been developed keeping in mind ease of use. People who are new to the world of trading can easily navigate the platform and exchange their gift cards for bitcoin or cash.
  • Secure and Safe Transactions: Many customers are afraid of carrying out online transactions and rightfully so. Cardtonic is committed to safeguarding the transactions conducted on our platform and ensures all trading is conducted securely.
  • Guaranteed Payment: The payment stage in any online transaction is the toughest nut to crack. To bypass this problem, Cardtonic is committed to paying all the customers as efficiently as possible.
  • Best Rates for Conversion: Cardtonic puts its money where its mouth is and offers you the best conversion rates when you trade your OneVanilla Gift Card, as compared to other platforms.
  • Robust Customer Care Services: In case of any confusion regarding the trading process or the conversion rate, our readily available customer service has got your back. A top-notch team of professionals is ready to make your trading experience smooth.

Selling OneVanilla Gift Card for Naira or Bitcoin on Cardtonic

Cardtonic helps you convert your OneVanilla Gift Card to Bitcoin or Naira, in Nigeria, without any fuss. It is the best way to unload OneVanilla Card. Simply follow the process outlined below:

  • Download the mobile app or register on the website online to begin your trading experience.
  • Login to the website and familiarize yourself with the 3-step process to start trading. The whole process will take no longer than a couple of minutes.

Now that you are more familiar with the process of converting your OneVanilla cards to bitcoin or naira, what’s stopping you? Head to the android app store and download the mobile app. Are you an iOS user? Fret not, our app is also available on the AppStore. You can even access the website to trade through a different platform.

Check out our FAQ page to find answers to some common queries. Or you can write to us @ You can even call/WhatsApp @ 07060502770. Our live chat feature also allows you to resolve our queries in real-time.

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