5 Amazing Ways to Unload OneVanilla Cards

You might be facing problems using your OneVanilla Card at Walmart. Even though you’re stressed and thinking of abandoning the card altogether, the 5% discount offered by pharmacies and gas stations selling the card is truly beneficial. What if there were alternative methods to avail the benefit of your OneVanilla Card?

How to Unload OneVanilla Cards?

The post below will help you to unload OneVanilla cards at ease. Here are 5 ways in which you can still make your OneVanilla prepaid debit cards work.

Amazon Payments

Amazon Payments accounts offer you the flexibility of making upto $1000 worth of outgoing payments per calendar month. You can save this limit till the end of the month and then use it to liquidate the balance still pending on any of your prepaid cards.

To bypass the $1 hold that is placed on your OneVanilla Card, add an incorrect expiration date while adding the card to Amazon Payments. After the details of the card have been updated and shows up on your account, change the expiration date to the correct one found on the prepaid card.How to Unload OneVanilla Cards

Evolve Money

Evolve Money still accepts payments made through OneVanilla Cards. Carry out the unloading process slowly by finding your billers and posting your payments. Do ensure that the postings are occurring correctly and on time.

Grocery Store Money Orders

Multiple grocery stores also provide the option to pay for orders using PIN-enabled debit cards, though the spending limit is lower and more expensive compared to Walmart’s $0.70 money orders. It might be useful to take stock of grocery stores in your neighbourhood who provide these facilities. Some stores do tend to scrutinize frequent and large amounts of transactions more carefully than Walmart.

Load Serve Cards at Family Dollar

You can take your Vanilla Reload Network reload card to the cashier and get it scanned to load your card. After swiping your Serve card, you can select the amount you wish to load and swipe your OneVanilla Card. No extra fee is charged.

Trade Up and Out

There might be some local stores that accept debit cards but not credit cards. Thus, non-Vanilla PIN-enabled debit card users may find it worthwhile to purchase Vanilla debit cards and convert them to non-Vanilla cards later on. Initially, the procedure might seem more expensive but the benefits will outweigh those costs in the long run, for example you can get $25.20 in cash back, while only spending $10.90.

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